April 16, 2023  |  fashion


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Now it's officially Spring (eek), which means not that they aren't already, but a white shirt is your new daily go-to outfit. Yes, a white shirt always looks so chic; however, not once our trusty makeup decides to transfer all onto the collar of our clean & crisp WHITE shirts without our acknowledgement. You can always rely on these stains to call you out. Even when you go for the 'no-makeup makeup' look.

How can we be in our clean girl era if we have stains on our new white shirts?! Don't worry. We have just the solution to prevent this from happening. However, we cannot save you if you drop your daily matcha down your shirt. Maybe, in that case, opt for a bib?

The holy grail product that will save you from looking like a hot mess is a product you will most likely have in your haircare kit... hairspray!

This hack will have you looking at hairspray in a whole new light.

Hairspray the collar of your shirt

Before putting on your shirt, spray the product across the collar and leave it to dry. The hairspray acts as a barrier to prevent your makeup from transferring throughout the day. Genius.

Apply Your Makeup 

Start by applying your makeup as usual, blending it well and avoiding any excess product on your face. Set the face with a setting spray & powder.

Enjoy your day with your makeup-free outfit.

However, sadly this doesn't prevent it from transferring onto other people's shirts. If you know, you know. The horrifying moment you hug someone wearing a shirt & you notice their shoulder has become a whole new shade of fabulousness. Ah, well, at least your outfit will look perfect.