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Tired of the morning-after regret and the constant hangovers? Or the feeling of being out of control when it comes to drinking. Unable to deal with the beer fear of what you had done the night before, dreading to open your phone to hear the stories that will trigger the anxiety feeling. Or perhaps you're just looking to make healthier positive changes. As we know, feeling hungover can affect the rest of our week (especially as you're getting older) three-day hangovers really are a thing.

The impact of drinking on individuals can vary greatly. For some, it really is lots of fun & enjoyable. While others may suffer from adverse effects such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, and lack of motivation. These consequences can affect your personal and professional life and, in some cases, impair your ability to think clearly for a few days after consuming alcohol. We don't know about you, but trying to think clearly for a few days after can be a challenging task, particularly for those who need to perform well at work. Then once you're ready to be a boss, b*tch, it's the weekend & the cycle repeats.

If you are on a health journey, it can also slow down results, making it harder to feel motivated to exercise. Feeling lethargic is real, not to mention the cravings! Whilst we always say give in to your cravings, the hungover ones take it too far.

If you're worried people may associate you as being 'boring' for choosing not to drink, firstly, they aren't the social circle for you, and secondly, who says you won't be the last one on the dancefloor!

There is a stigma attached to not drinking, and it can make people feel judged or negative towards you. But going alcohol-free can lead to significant changes, including improved mental and physical health, better sleep, and more meaningful conversations. People close to you may likely replace the negative attachment towards it with admiration for the positive changes they have noticed in you since making these lifestyle changes.

Choosing a sober lifestyle can bring significant positive changes, such as enhanced mental and physical well-being, a better quality of sleep, and more fulfilling social interactions. 

We totally get you if you feel you don't want the negativity or the judgement. You don't have to admit you aren't drinking. Who will ever know? Tonic for one, please. This is a sneaky tip we often like to do at social events. Once the stigma is removed and it's not mentioned, it is very likely no one ever notices, and it takes away the pressure of feeling like you have to act up to be on their level to still be 'fun.'

Whatever your reason for exploring going sober or drinking less, it can be a rewarding and enlightening experience. For some, it's life-changing, especially while maintaining relationships, work commitments and overall health. 

If you are sober curious but don't know where to start or can feel the FOMO kicking in already, we have created a list of things we like to do when going alcohol-free. Subtle changes can lead to significant changes. Remember, if you are still trying to decide if you are ready, try implementing it on the days you don't feel like drinking. You will reap the benefits that way, too. Subtle changes are equally as important.

Here are some light-hearted ways to start implementing alcohol-free changes in your life.

Explore the world of mocktails

 One of the biggest misconceptions about sobriety is that you must give up all the fun and fancy drinks. But that couldn't be further from the truth! Countless mocktail recipes are just as delicious and visually appealing & can almost be mistaken for an alcoholic drink. Without the tipsy ness, ofc! You might be surprised at how satisfying a good mocktail can be.

Find new hobbies

One of the most complex parts about giving up drinking is finding something else to fill the void. There are so many activities you could be taking part in if you don't feel like heading to a party tonight. You could use this time to try a new activity. Cooking can be so therapeutic. Invite your friends/family over to try your new recipes. We love a show-off! Put on your favourite music. Just because you're not drinking doesn't mean you can't dance. Instead of going to a bar, enjoy a nice meal with friends and indulge in fun new conversations you wouldn't usually dive into if alcohol was involved.

Prioritize self-care 

Drinking less is about more than just cutting out alcohol. It's also about caring for yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. Take some time each day to prioritize self-care. This might mean taking a relaxing bath, walking in nature, or committing to a fitness routine. 

Connect with others

One of the best things about exploring sobriety is the sense of community that comes with it. Reach out to friends who are also sober and curious. You might be surprised at how many people are on a similar journey.

Embrace the awkwardness

 Let's face it, being sober in a world around drinking can sometimes be awkward. But embrace the awkwardness! Use it to practice being comfortable in your own skin and standing up for what you believe in. This is a great way to grow your confidence in social settings, as you won't be relying on alcohol to give you the confidence boost you have got yourself!

Enjoy the benefits

Cutting alcohol out of your life can have numerous positive benefits, from better sleep to improved mental health. Celebrate the positive changes you're making and enjoy the benefits of sobriety. You will likely feel more present and find it easier to handle much more in both your personal and professional life. Not to mention for your physical health, it helps to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Plan your weekends

Now you will be hangover free and not nursing a hangover in bed. This is your time to make the most of your weekends. Plan ahead so you have things to look forward to. That avoids missing out because you are using this time to embrace something you would never have typically done with your days. Even if it's planning a morning walk with friends or a pilates and coffee date. The simple things can be the most rewarding.

 Push yourself out of your comfort zone

Now might be the best time to interact with people outside of your usual social network, whilst others may be attending things that no longer align with the lifestyle you are aiming for. You can use that as an opportunity to really put yourself out there. You could even try the world of dating without the beer goggles.

Choose events with music you enjoy

If your favourite artist performs or their songs are played, you're already experiencing a natural high. When eagerly anticipating a specific lyric or track, it's easy to depend on alcohol to feel like you're at a level where you can enjoy yourself. If you begin to opt for events that cater to your interests, drinking will be the least of your priorities.