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Pilates is a method that was created by a man named Joseph Pilates. He originally called it ‘Contrology’, which is a form of low-impact, physical exercise that focuses on the mind-body connection, core strength, breath, posture and alignment, making people all over the world feel great physically and mentally.

It’s so popular as it’s highly beneficial, not just for your physical health, but mental health too. People are seeing transformative results and not having to spend hours in the gym.

Pilates will help you to strengthen your whole body (especially your core), improve your posture and become more mobile and flexible. There’s a big focus on connecting the breath with the movement in Pilates, relieving any stress or tension and building a mind-body connection.

The best thing about Pilates is that it’s super inclusive. There are modifications and variations that are suitable for all levels and abilities. 

How to incorporate Pilates into your lifestyle

Pilates is all about consistency. It is not just a current exercise trend; it should become a part of your lifestyle. Even 20 minutes a day will help to make a difference to yourself physically and mentally!

My recommendation for beginners is 1-2 times per week (20-40 minutes) and intermediate+ up to 5 times per week (20-60 minutes), but remember it’s important to have your rest days and always listen to your body.

My suggestion is to start at home with online classes (Pilates With Ashlea app) to build up your knowledge and confidence before entering a studio. 1:1s are also a great way to learn more about your body and get a tailored approach to your individual needs and goals. 

Pilates methods

First, there’s matwork Pilates, which can include small equipment such as light weights, a magic circle, ball or TheraBand. 

Matwork is the heart and soul of Pilates and the foundation – without the network we wouldn’t have the reformer and all of the other pieces of apparatus. Matwork is more accessible as all you need is yourself and a mat. 

Next, there’s Pilates apparatus that you can work on, such as the reformer, Cadillac, wunda chair, and so much more. 

The apparatus helps us to correct alignment, stay supported to explore different movements and, most importantly, work with resistance (springs).

"Pilates is a combination of body, mind and spirit." - Joseph Pilates

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