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Are you all too familiar with being the third wheel? Another date with your bestie, and yep, you got it, her partner. We see you and have most definitely been there many times. As much as it is so fun to be involved and lovely to feel included. After a while, it can become repetitive and a constant reminder that you are without someone.

 Sick of the repetitive cycle of the disappointment of situationships which often end in tears, leaving you heartbroken as they usually hit harder than the break up of a long-term relationship.

 Although there are always those moments when you're out, and the couples are having a lovers tiff at the end of the night, reminding you why you love being single as you smugly go home in peace.

However, we don't see being single as a negative in fact quite the opposite. It's an empowering time in your life, a real trivial point to becoming the best version of yourself without any distractions. 

Below we have listed a few reasons to remind you of why you're in your fun era.

Making the most of your selfish years

Being able to do whatever you wish with your time without having to consider anyone else the dream. Want to pick up & go travelling for the next year? Off you go. 

Focusing on your goals

Being in a relationship, as rewarding as it is, can be time-consuming as you have to put time and effort into their needs and yours. This is the perfect time to focus on your goals without any distractions. Spending your free time working and chasing your dreams can be easier whilst focusing only on you & your own dreams.

Choosing your dating experiences 

You're in your single girl era & content with it. Here's to saying no to any more tragic dating experiences and feeling content with the decision. The thought of another date with a dull conversation no longer seems exciting. We hear you! That's fine. You will meet someone when you're ready without the pressure of dating or shedding any more tears over failed situationships.

Appreciating your own company 

As much as some people hate being alone, being single most likely forces you to be in that situation. Sadly, you can't rely on your friend's company 24/7. This can be a great way to connect with yourself and become familiar with your own company.

Being able to enjoy your own company really is a major life hack. This builds a sense of independence and self-sufficiency. When you are comfortable being alone, you don't rely on others for your happiness or validation. You are less likely to engage in unhealthy relationships or rely on others to meet your emotional needs.

Embracing new experiences

It can be easy to not mingle with other friendships or explore new experiences when content with your friendship group. But being the single one can encourage you to meet new people without the "couple" label. A group of single friends who like to go out a bit more or have similar interests but need someone to enjoy them with. Take advantage of this by trying new things, meeting new people, and exploring your surroundings. 

Making time for self-care

 Being single means you can prioritize your own health and well-being. You can take the time to exercise, eat healthily, get enough sleep, and take care of yourself without having to worry about anyone else's needs. We don't know about you, but we have been guilty of sleeping in our makeup or staying up until ridiculous hours to align with your partner's schedule. 

Opportunity for self-discovery

 When you're single, you have the chance to explore your own interests, values, and beliefs. You can learn more about yourself and what you want from life, leading to greater self-awareness and personal growth.

Using your free time for the things you love

 Use this as a period to pursue your hobbies and interests. Whether trying a new gym class, learning a new skill, or starting a passion project, you can dedicate more time to the things that bring you joy and fulfilment.

Compromising what’s that?

You don't have to compromise when you're single. You can make decisions based solely on your wants and needs without worrying about anyone else's preferences. A Nelle favourite. In our selfish girl era & we are not made about it. It's all about you, (if you couldn't see where this was heading.)

So, if you're feeling down about being the only single in your friendship group, remember that being single can be exciting. This is the time in your life to focus on yourself and your needs to figure out which life partner you see yourself with and not jump into anything that doesn't fulfil your needs or match your high standards. 

Be extra spontaneous, book the flight, and say yes to every night out (ps, the love of your life might be there, who knows). Embrace your single status and enjoy all the benefits that come with it! These are years to be selfish and focus on building a happy and fulfilling life, so anyone that enters is an added bonus.

By creating a dream life and building a solid foundation of self-love, happiness, and personal growth, anyone who enters it becomes an added bonus rather than a necessity. This approach to life allows for healthier relationships built on mutual respect, trust, and love rather than a dependency on a partner to provide fulfilment and happiness. Ultimately, being single can be the perfect opportunity to create the life one desire, with the added benefit of sharing it with someone who complements and enhances it.

PS we love all of you in relationships you’re smashing life too!