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We thought we would share with you what we carry in our bag day to day, as at Nelle we have to admit we are so nosey as to what other people carry in theirs. Especially those girlies who always look so put together throughout the day, what the heck are they hiding in their bags? A portable MUA?

As we always say preparation is key, there will be no beauty or fashion emergencies happening on our watch. Technically the more essenitals in your bag the longer you can be out for. It's girl math.

Do we make sure our bags are always prepared for any emergency? Yes. Does this emergency ever happen? No! However it’s become our pride & joy at this point, let us live.

Below you find our handbag essentials, which you will always find in our bag unless it's an evening when the Mirco bags come out, which as we know fitting a lipstick in there would be pushing the boat out. 

Be warned you will become the new go-to in any form of beauty, or tech-related emergency.

& for those single girls, we got you. Don’t worry we aren’t about to tell you to always carry a thong at all times in case just the essentials to look fresh AF!

Lets start with our beauty products which you find inside our makeup bag. 

Cosmetic Bag

Summer Friday Butter Lip Balm

ByRedo Travel Hand cream

Refy Lip Liner

Charlotte Tilbury Powder & Powder Brush

Travel Atomiser

The BEST concealer

Silk Scrunchies

Mini Toothbrush Travel Set - now this is a hack. Truffle pasta at 1, kiss your boss at 3 no problem. 

Camomile Travel Makeup Remover &  Reusable makeup remover pads - for those long ass days where you can't wait to get home to just take it off!

Re-touch SPF spray

Travel Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream

That’s all for the beauty bag (the essentials), don't mind us just packing light.

Now for the items you will always find floating around the bottom of our bag. Snacks the lot!

Saint Laurent Card Holder


Airpods - get those podcasts on & your steps in!

Wet Brush

Pilates Grip Socks - don’t mind us on our pilates hype, will you always find a matching pair? No. most likely an odd sock but you can guarantee there is at least one in there.

Hydralyte Travel Sachets - a must to beat the 3pm slump.

Mini Portable Charger -  for us phone workaholics apparently scrolling on TikTok is the perfect combo to having 0 battery. It’s enough to ruin our day & we just won’t have it.


Deliciously Ella Chocolate Dipped Almonds & Nakd Cocoa Orange Natural Fruit Bars - healthy snacks with natural ingredients that don't taste of grass. Yes please! Our guilty obsession.

**please check ingredients for allergies before consuming, may contain nuts**