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Bloating is just not it. It's like, boom, one meal, and it comes at you out of nowhere. The morning stomach you once had seems like a distant memory, even though it was only one meal ago. Although, digestive issues, food intolerances or hormonal causes can also cause bloating. It can feel disheartening and highly uncomfortable.

There are many remedies for bloating, but we are obsessed with one that has become mandatory in our daily routine as it's so simple. We love anything that takes two minutes to prepare and doesn't taste foul. As much as we hate the bloat, drinking a glass of green juice that we are promised to get used to the taste of doesn't do it for us.

Chia seeds are probably something you are hearing a lot of right now and are becoming a popular kitchen staple. We like to call them the undercover agent of the superfood world, a perfect addition to any recipe. We are fans of adding chia seeds to our smoothies, porridge & yoghurts in the morning or anything we can get our hands on.

We will only bore you a little with the facts, but chia seeds are a great addition to your diet as they are full of fibre, protein and antioxidants. They leave you feeling fuller for longer, which will avoid snacking throughout the day as they stabilise your blood sugar and prevent any spikes (those sneaky cravings). They are also an excellent anti-inflammatory and are great for increasing energy levels. OK, rant over as to why they are so beneficial, and that's only to name a few.

You're probably thinking can you hurry up and get to the point? Girl has a bloated tummy. 


Add 1-2 tablespoons of chia seeds to your glass/bottle of water and leave to set in the fridge for up to a couple of hours. Voila!

Adding chia seeds to your water is a simple yet effective method. Water flushes any toxins from the body. When added to water, they absorb up to twelve times their weight in liquid, making them a great way to increase your water intake, keeping you hydrated for longer (always a bonus).

They will turn into a gel-like texture, so don't be alarmed or put off. It can take a little bit of getting used to at first. The gel slows down the digestion of other foods you have eaten throughout the day, which can prevent overeating by feeling fuller for longer.


Add a slice of lemon for additional flavour & antioxidants. You really will be showing off then!